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Carley + Daniel | An Appalachian Wedding | Charlotte Wedding Photographer

This couple…where do I start?! Carley and Daniel have been family friends for a while. My sister connected with them through bluegrass music conventions and has taken fiddle lessons from Carley over the last couple of years. These two are both phenomenal musicians and singers; one of those couples where you’re left speechless at how THAT much talent ended up married to each other. When Carley reached out to me about photographing their wedding, we had already booked them to play for my brother’s wedding that was just a few weeks before theirs, so I was excited to get to hang out with them even more leading up to their big day.

These two and their families are some of the most kind-hearted Christian people you’ll ever meet, and it showed in the careful thought and meaning they put into every aspect of their day. The wedding was held at the church Daniel grew up in, a gorgeous historic chapel built in the 1800s. Their ceremony was filled with beautiful symbols of their commitment to each other and to God and their reception felt like an upscale open-air concert. They wanted their guests to feel relaxed and to enjoy the music that is such a huge part of their lives, and it flowed beautifully.

I definitely shed a few happy tears at every wedding I shoot, but when Carley and Daniel closed out their reception with “Loving My Jesus”, I think it’s safe to say I was bawling. Seeing a couple make a conscious effort to shift the focus of their wedding day from themselves to the One who brought them together was absolutely beautiful.

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Thrailkill! Thank you both for letting me be a part of such a lovely, Christ-centered day. You’ve made this Appalachian girl happier than you know. The world needs more people like y’all.




Bridesmaid Dresses

Groomsmen Attire


{May or may not be listening to you all on repeat while I edit ;) }

A special thanks to Charity Huffman of CE Studios for second shooting with me. You captured so many beautiful images and I couldn’t have done it without you!

Carley and Daniel counted down the last 150 days of their engagement reading the Psalms backward. They held hands around a corner and completed their reading with Psalm 1 just before their ceremony.

You're a beauty, Carley. <3


Sarah <3


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